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Brand-O Foods, LLC makes and distributes Speedie B's Energy Bars. Speedie B's are all-natural energy bars made with organic, wholesome ingredients that are good for you and taste great too. With around 300 calories, Speedie B's can also serve as a meal-replacement bar.   


Brando Blog

About time they finally let me talk about what I want to talk about... 



sam speedie

(Testing... one, two... test. Brando, sit. Stay. I can't get him... the microphone. The collar mic. Can you clip it to his--? Yeah, to the ring with the tags. That's good. No, wait... rotate his collar. Rotate--good. Now I can hear... we're going live? OK everybody... in three... two... one...)

I don't know what health care means. But I know what day care is. Day care is where the man friendbeast takes me after I wake up and eat my breakfast and do my business, and the women friendbeasts give me love and treats. Lots and lots of treats. I get to run around and play with my friends, and it's warm and dry and safe there. And when something happens, and I'm scared or mad or I'm just in a bad mood, the women friendbeasts help me work out my issues. And I play so much I get tired, then I go in my crate and take a nap. Then the man friendbeast shows up and takes me home. After we go for a walk in the woods. And if I'm not feeling well because I've eaten too many treats or something in the woods, the woman friendbeast gives me medicine and lots of love.

Is that the same as health care?