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Brand-O Foods, LLC makes and distributes Speedie B's Energy Bars. Speedie B's are all-natural energy bars made with organic, wholesome ingredients that are good for you and taste great too. With around 300 calories, Speedie B's can also serve as a meal-replacement bar.   


Brando Blog

About time they finally let me talk about what I want to talk about... 


Brando reviews Season 5 of 'Downton Abbey

Beatrix Arendt

I think it's dumb. The friendbeasts watch the show, and my bed's right next to the TV, so I have to watch it. I try and close my eyes and go to sleep, but the friendbeasts in the show never shut up, so...

They're always sitting and eating. Sit, eat, drink, talk. Sit, drink, talk. Sit and talk. Bo-oring! 

Plus there's all that food around, and everybody's sitting around and eating and talking, and there aren't any treats! None of the potato and duck kind. None of the turkey kind. Not even a bone with peanut butter inside. Mmm... peanut butter... 

And there's a kitchen and there are always friendbeasts running around, dropping food on the floor and yelling at each other. But where's the stupid dog? He's always with the old man friendbeast, walking outside on the grass. He lives in a house with grass and trees and woods all around it, and he's not chasing squirrels? I'd be chasing squirrels. Those squirrels wouldn't know what hit them. I'd tree them and stare up at them and... it would be great. 

Or else the dog's following the old man friendbeast into one of the rooms where they sit, drink and talk... if I were in that show, I'd be sitting outside that kitchen every minute. And every time a friendbeast dropped a loaf of bread, or a bowl of soup on the floor, I'd be right... there! They could yell at me all they wanted to, but I've never seen any of the friendbeasts run in that show. They'd never catch me. 

The other thing I hate about the dog: he doesn't do anything. Look up at the old man friendbeast, walk and pant. Get scratched behind the ears, sit and pant. Go into a room, lie down and go to sleep. Character is intention and action. That's what the man friendbeast I live with says. If I were that dog, I'd go find one of the furry things the women friendbeasts wear when they're sitting, eating, drinking and talking, and I'd shake it. Or else somebody's shoe... the ones that are always getting polished. I'd grab it and hold it up high and look them in the eye, and prance... and I wouldn't drop it when they told me to.

Then maybe it would be a better show.